Our classes are all about learning whilst having fun  – and whilst having fun our students also gain qualifcations.

  • Learning

    Classes are age based so no pupil is ever made to take a class below their age range. This is important at all stages of learning, so as not to demoralise a new pupil.

    If more theory and training is needed from a lower grade, then the new pupil would be asked to assist in the younger classes to make up the gap in learning.

  •  Examinations

    These are invaluable for our students CV’s and preparing them for their move onto further education or professional career.

    No pupil is forced to take an examination but all examinations are so well prepared for that pupils never want to miss out!

  •  Qualifications

    We offer examinations in

    • The Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance (I.S.T.D.)
    • Anglo-Russe International Stage Dancing Association (I.S.D.A.)
    • The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (L.A.M.D.A.) – these exams that are equivalent to A, AS and GCSE level examinations thereby gaining valuable UCAS points for further education colleges or University.