UCAS Points

Calling all 15-18 years olds!

Are you searching for extra UCAS Points?

  • We offer Grade 6, 7 and 8 LAMDA Acting Exams

    These provide vital UCAS points and these are GCSE, AS and A level equivalent qualifications.

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If you are considering University, college or further education training when you leave school, extra qualifications are now required to gain your first choice places when you apply. Your CV needs to contain extra curricular interests to demonstrate that you are an all rounded individual. Universities now like to see 3 A’levels and a Grade 8 Acting or Music examination, or Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award.

For example, in August 2011, LAMDA were asked to contact Loughborough University directly with Ellie Twigger’s Grade 8 Acting result of Distinction, in order for her to gain her first choice place to read a B.A.Honours English and Drama degree. Ellie needed the Grade 8 Acting in order to boost her UCAS point total, and to demonstrate her excellence in Acting.

Other pupils who have benefited from the LAMDA Grade 8 examination are Toby King who required Grade 8 Acting to read History at York University and Olivia Dand required her Grade 8 Acting to read French at Southampton Univeristy. Sarah Creber gained her Grade 8 Acting to gain her first choice place of reading Classical Studies at University of Nottingham and Hannah McNally needed her Grade 8 Acting to study Law at Bournemouth.