Pointe Work

Pointe Work Training

Every pupil reaches a stage in their ballet training where we consider if they can start pointe work (dancing on your toes). We usually look at a student to see if they are strong enough around year 7 (secondary school age).

We start all possible pupils in pointe work training. This does not mean that they need to buy pointe shoes yet. Indeed, it may take months before we consider them ready to “go up” on pointe. Training classes encourage strengthening and core body strength through exercise and dance. They are fundamental if a pupils wishes to try dancing on pointe. This class is to encourage pupils as well as be extremely careful in undertaking this next major step in classical ballet classes.

These classes run alongside your usual ballet class, and you are not allowed to take one without the other because strength is so very important.

First you are invited to attend training class in your ordinary soft ballet shoes, and then you will be advised when to go and have your first pointe shoes fitted by a professional shop. We even advise on the best dance shops in the county.

Pointe Work Class

After training, you will be moved into the Intermediate Pointe Work class where all pupils are now on pointe. You need to be of a certain standard before being invited to attend this class. This class will present a dance in our shows. It is the first chance to dance on pointe in a show! We also have an Advanced Pointe work class as the final step in our ballet training.