Musical Theatre

  • Musical Theatre was originally called our “theatre club” as we were the first vocational Performing Arts School to combine a mixture of singing, dance and drama in the one class. It is our most popular class and it is definitely the most fun and the best option for pupils who wish to attend a dance class without too much strict discipline.


    • Why Musical Theatre?

      It encourages stamina, flexibility, coordination, breathing techniques, social interaction, performance skills and loads of pas de deux work or “lifts” for the Senior classes, where the boys lift the girls


    • Showtime!

      We use our Musical Theatre classes for all our performances at fetes and festivals throughout the Summer term and also use these classes as our showcases if we are invited to perform at any variety shows.

      We cover music from all the West End shows, as well as the latest in pop music and media trends of “Frozen” or “Matylda”.

    • Preparing students

      Musical Theatre training is also key to anyone who intends to follow the profession, as singing and dancing a t the same time is an amazing skill, for which we are very proud of our students. It reflects the trends in the Professional theatres too, and combines a mix of talents, energies and performance levels to excel in all our Productions.